Thursday, January 25, 2007


Jason doing better, back still bothers him, but getting better. Work was rough today, 3 ladies out, makes the workload harder for the few remaining, but 2:15 finally got here!
Working on my exchange, have replied to a Pay It Forward through another blogging friend from one of my groups. I am so excited to participate. hoping to hear that I was the first five.
Mailing my floss exchange on Saturday!
Until later,


Susan said...

Hi, Daisy - Welcome to the blogging world - I just found your blog through a comment you made on someone else's blog.

You had asked elsewhere who had designed Sampler Game Board, and I wasn't sure if you had received a response. It is by
Drawn Thread.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Daisy, you asked about my fisherman Santa by Prairie Schooler. It is the 1992 Santa and lots of online shops carry him in a set with three other cute Santas. My favorite shop is Handcrafts Online, and I'm sure she can get it for you.

Happy stitching to you!