Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy Saturday!

Thank you all for worrying about my doggy! He is better!
I slept in till 9:30 this morning! It was wonderful! But, I had to get up, couldn't lay in bed any longer, wanted too, but I did finally get up. Brutus my dog sleeps with us every night, as does my cats. My hubby says they hog the bed, they love me and want to me next to me!
Visited my momma today to see how she was recovering, poor dear was still sore. I assured her that her mouth will heal quickly. I showed her our NY pictures, told her we had a great time.
Johnny took me out to eat at red Lobster this evening, yummy for my tummy! I love Red Lobster. after that we decided to add our two teen boys to our cell phone family plan. My boys are besides themselves, they now have a cell phone. Please don't let them use more of the minutes then they have! I have hesitated to add them because of fear of nightmarish cell phone bill. Time will tell.
Christmas exchange looks great, spring exchange will be assembled tomorrow on Sunday. Picture for that one tomorrow. I will post the final pictures before I mail them. I have to add a couple little goodies to the stocking.
Until later!

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Vonna said...

Boy sounds like you were busy :)
Us too...that time of year! LOL!