Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hi Michelle and Hi Vonna!

So glad you stopped by. It's wonderful to make new friends. Michelle, what's your blog name? I'd love to visit you.
Tomorrow is hump day! Spring break almost here. I had to do a presentation this morning at the faculty meeting. I feel it went good. I had only made 75 copies and realized I needed more, but the teachers were good natured about my oops. I am the Team Leader for Nutrition at our school. April's theme is Fit for Fiber! trying to get kids to try whole grains is harder than I thought. My boss wants me to be a assistant manager in the cafeteria. I'm torn, I'm not sure if I'm a strong leader. You need to be able to be a boss, I'm bossy at home, but kinda meek at work. haha

This is what I sent to my exchange partners. I sure hope that they like my stuff I send them. I hope my stitching is fine enough. I've been working on my Game Board Sampler, I really like it. I also got the Drawn Thread Halloween design, I can't wait to stitch it also!

Until later!

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Vonna said...

Wow those exchanges look awesome!!
That little chick now where did you get him? That is cute!
I think the Michelle you're talking about is a dear friend of mine: Michelle from Ozark sew 'n sews...go to my sidebar the link to her blog is there :)
She is a SWEETIE :)