Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Friday!!!!

So glad for Friday. No school for a whole week. I plan to do nothing for at least 2 of those days. I want to rest and stitch. I am kinda behind on my Santa SAL. I spent most of my month on my exchanges. So need to get back into the swing of stitching again. Been working on my Game Board Sampler. Hope to have my first 2 squares done tomorrow. Will post them later.
Jason's semi-girlfriend Anglyn will be graduating this spring so I need to get started on her a little sampler. I personally like her more than Casey, but she is one year older than Jason, so they are just friends.
Jacob will turn 15 this coming Tuesday. He hasn't really decided what he wants yet. I know what he wants, but a new wood clarinet is around $3000. dollars. Before I sink that kind of money, I really need to make sure he will be willing to shoot for the music scholarship. His clarinet that he has now cost us about $1500. Wood will be better for sound quality, but his private music teacher informed us we should wait till college to purchase the wood one. Tell that to Jacob though.
Well, Daisy my kitty needs alot of cuddling right now, so I will post more on Saturday.


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Cheryl said...

Hi! Been enjoying reading your blog! Will visit again. Have a great weekend