Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Here We Come!

I hit the door running at school today, we had 3 ladies out, alittle stressful but 2:15 finally came. I was really tired when I got home, so I took a little nap. Thank you Vonna for caring about my son Jason. He is doing so much better. He goes back to school tomorrow. He ate spaghetti tonight with no problem!
I stitched on my spring exchange tonight. I do not have two DMC floss colors, so I need to get to Hobby Lobby to pick them up. I have decided to work on a PS 1989 Santa on my trip up to NY. I don't have a mp3 player, so I'll need to keep myself busy for the 17 hour charter bus trip.UGH! My rear end is gonna be sore from all that sitting.
No scouts tonight due to scoutmaster having a meeting to attend. Free night off. Yeah! It's nice to not have to go somewhere.
I will post some of my niece's wedding sampler pieces tomorrow. I started her wedding sampler when she told me her and Justin were planning on getting married. So I got a Wedding Sunshine kit from Brooke's Books, figuring I need plenty of time to stitch it. but that darn Justin has yet to pop the question. I feel like I have jinxed it for Tiffany. She doesn't know I started the project. I have put it aside till I get a wedding date.
Enough for tonight! I'll post my pictures tomorrow when I can use the main computer to download my pictures.

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Vonna said...

I'm sure you've not jinxed anything...about a month or so before my husband "asked" me to marry him...I had called our priest and asked him to "pencil" out the date April 27th. Then I said make sure that is penciled in rather than inked in...I've not been asked yet...My priest then asked me if I could divulge the name of the young man...LOL! I think back on that conversation and just cringe :)
I got I'm sure that you've not jinxed anything :) He's just waiting for the perfect moment!