Thursday, March 22, 2007

One Day to Go!

Tomorrow's Friday! Thank goodness. I am so tired. I still haven't gotten my schedule back in order. My momma is under the weather, she had her tooth pulled. At least her mouth will not hurt anymore. I have already finished my grocery buying for the week. So hopefully I can have a weekend at home relaxing. I have finished my spring exchange. I will be putting it together to get in the mail.
I hope that nobody had that bad dog food, my doggy Brutus did get sick with some of the food. I had purchased Ol'Roy pouch dog food, he threw up so much that I had to pitch out my rug in front of the fireplace. the vet thought he had eaten something out in the back yard that made him sick. Now we know why he was sick, bad dog food, I threw out 3 pouches of food yesterday. So hope no one's puppy or kitty got sick.
I plan to post my exchange pictures this weekend. Yeah, I hope the ladies like what I did. I need to get ready for bed, boss called, needs me to go in early tomorrow.
Till later,


Lizzy said...

Hi Donna... I followed a link on Vonna's blog to yours! Thought I'd drop in and say Hello! :-)

I hope Brutus is okay and the bad dog food did no damage! He's such a sweetie as are your kitties... I'm a catwoman! lol

Loved wandering around your blog... and I will be back! :-) Hope you have a lovely, stitchy weekend... It's my weekend to work, so stitch and rest some for me! :-)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I hope Brutus does okay. Can you believe rat poison? Mercy! Poor critters. Now i must go check out more of your blog!