Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Got a cold!

By the time I left my meeting Monday after school, I was sick. I haven't gotten that sick so quickly in a long time. I guess it must be a cold, low fever, a terrible cough. I'm having to do breathing treatments 3 times a day. The only thing about working at the school is you see sick little kids everyday. I do get a flu shot, just think how I'd be if I hadn't gotten one the nurse said. Oh well.
I managed to stitch a little this afternoon. I added the sun to Anglyn's sampler. Hope to post pictures tonight or tomorrow.
Jason has his Eagle Board on Saturday. Please keep your fingers crossed that they approve his Eagle project. I can't believe the extra stress this has put on our household.
Until later, need to go lay down, I feel wiped out.


Paisley said...

My goodness! It's going around! Hope you feel better soon!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh I am so sorry you feel so awful! Drink plenty of fluids, eat chicken noodle soup and get well real soon!

Cheryl said...

Oh no, poor you! Hope you get better soon! Good luck to Jason

Vonna said...

Oh, no you didn't mention in our e-mails that you were sick...honey, you've had a load lately haven't you?! Take a break and treat yourself to something!
Hugs and much love,

Lizzy said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick Donna! Sending lots of love, and healing {{{Hugs}}} your way... Hope you feel better soon, Sweetie!

Glad you still feel like stitching tho'... nothing better than a wee bit of stitching for soothing what ails ya! ;-)

Oh, I love Homespun Elegance as well... Sandra's one of my all time faves! :-)