Thursday, April 5, 2007

Look what I received today!

I got my Santa exchange in the mail today from Sharon. Nice Santa Sharon! Plus some linen and a pattern. Thank you!

I hoped my order from Mary Kathryn's had come but, not yet. I'm waiting on some hand dyed linen so that I can start my neighbor girl a graduation sampler. I really like Anglyn and I've introduced her back to stitching. She has almost finished a little kit I gave her last week. Good girl Anglyn!

Plan to relax today. I watched Jazzy yesterday. I'm alittle tired today. I did keep Jazzy on a busy schedule. We went to the park, went to McDonald's to eat, colored and crafted like crazy! I'll take a picture of her with her caterpillars we made yesterday.

Just a note on my side, I have had kidney stones before, it's been 2 years since my last spell with them, well, they're back! I have passed one, 2 more to go. Had a total of 3 little demons. I've got to quit drinking sweet tea! You are talking to a girl from the south, I drank tea in my bottle! I love my sweet tea!

Hope to pass the other stones quickly!

Well, gonna go get cleaned up! Lunch time is calling!


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