Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wedding Bells are in the future!

I think Justin is gonna pop the question to my niece soon. She showed me a couple of sites they would like to get married at. Oh my gosh, this means I have got to stitch like the wind. You see, I put up the Brooke's Book's Wedding Line sampler that I had been working on up, I feared I'd jinxed Tiffany, so I quit stitching on it, now I need to get serious and stitch.
Still working on Anglyn's graduation piece, have added the legs and hands. Can you all see the diploma in her hand? I'm not sure if I should change the diploma's color choice. I changed the linen color to a pale hand dyed sky cloud blue. What do ya'll think? I don't mind ripping out. I want it to look good.
No answers on my test, call in to the doctor tomorrow. It will be over 48 hours tomorrow, more than enough time to to get test results back.
Be back shortly, need to hop to the other computer to add the pictures.I really need to learn how to use this new computer.

ps:Anna, have you heard from Kim yet?


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Stitch like the wind girl! you can do it!

anna said...

Donna, no, I haven't and I start (I AM!) terribly upset. I have contacted her via various means. In fact this is ruining my days totally. Please, may I ask you to be patient a little more? Whatever happens, I promise this exchange will end WELL for you, promised! :(