Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tuesday afternoon and all's well!

I guess I'm gonna have to buy a new charger for my camera. I can't find the one that the boys have lost. Errr! These boys just don't understand "leave charger in kitchen drawer".
I have been stitching on Tiffany's wedding piece. I'm sure hoping the darn Justin hurries up and pops the question. I'm gonna be one unhappy person if that boy breaks my girls heart.
Is anyone watching Dancing With the Stars? I felt bad that they voted off John Ratenzberger. His name is most likely spelled incorrectly. Oh well. I'll have to pick someone else to vote for now.
My husband of 20 years needs bifocals. I helped him pick out his new frames. He is not very happy about having to wear them. I thought I was vain! haha. We pick up his new glasses this weekend. I'll hopefully be able to take pictures by then, so I'll have to sneak a picture of him in his new specs!
Our school is nice to the lunchroom staff, we have been getting little goodies all week so far. I got a flower to plant out side. A gardenia. I love gardenias.
Need to go pick up Jacob from school. He has a essay that he is working on.
Till later,


Julie said...

I've been watching Dancing with the Stars. Why hasn't Billy Rae gotten the boot yet? It bothers me that he remains on the show.

Vonna said...

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars but I've always like John R.
Sorry for DH...he'll just have to get used to being old...LOL!!! Just kidding :)

anna said...

Take the price of the charger off their pocket money, says I! That'll teach them to be messy, me says! ROTFL! Only two days ago I spent TWO hours looking for my passport and ID, which I had used only three days before. Messy, me? Naaah ;-) Give my sympathies to DH! I have computer (zero) glasses since a month and yessssss, it takes time to get used to having this *thing* on the nose! :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Those silly boys!