Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend is here!

Tomorrow is my Mother's Day Tea Party. My momma is very excited to participate in every tea party that I host. She loves it. I'm happy that I can do something for her to make her day. I have to clean the house tonight, prepare the menu, get everything ready for tomorrow morning.
Busy, busy, busy! I'm gonna put them boys to work this evening. They just don't know it yet! hahaha.
Last night was Jacob's concert at school. I'll post pictures later. I wasn't very happy with the way turned out. I struggled with the flash button, couldn't really figure it out. It is a new camera that my hubby thought we needed. I hate learning new things. sigh.
Jacob I fear will be a reckless driver. I let him practice yesterday evening backing out of the parking spot at school, the wiener thought he needed to do a doughnut! I about had a heart attack. What was this stupid kid thinking? He didn't think I'd get upset. Duh! I worry though. He is 15, wants to take the drivers test asap. After last night's performance, I feel we will be waiting awhile.
Where as my older son Jason, I can't get him behind the wheel. He's 17, he backed over my neighbors trash bin, Dad blew a fuse, needless to say, he's scared now to drive. I have one that wants to drive like a maniac and the other that won't drive to save your life! Give me strength!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!


Vonna said...

Jacob plays the clarinet, so did I ;)
Kids as drivers...let's not talk about it...I'll have 3 driving within 2 years of each other...YIKES!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

Cheryl said...

Hope you had a lovely mothers day! I've tagged you on my blog :)