Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leaving for Band Camp Today!

I'm leaving for camp around 1pm today. I'm taking down a couple of young'ns with me. Wish me success in the drive, I hate driving in unfamiliar places. Of course my rr will be traveling with me, I only have to stitch the roof/half of it is stitched. I'm gonna work on it in my free time. Wahoo! We get 2 hours of free time per day! I can't contain myself! haha Nah, these kids are normally good.
Wishing everyone a joyful weekend! I'm happy to say I got Vonna for my newest Fair $ Square partner! OMGosh! What should I stitch for Vonna! It's gotta be something great!
I'll try to check my blog, I don't have a laptop, so I'll be at the mercy of borrowing a teens laptop! If not, I'll see everyone on Monday!
(as my husband says-just shot her now, she doesn't know how to say NO!) I love you honey! You know I just gotta be involved!