Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Quick update on Flags!

I SAID NO!!! We had a meeting last night and I explained to the booster prez (I'm the vice prez)that as I said before in May, if we are gonna make flags, we need to start them now! Not July, plus you should see the flag the band director wants made, they are 45" tall by 38" wide, a funky curved teardrop comma shape! Yea right! Curves! I told them that as of July 1o, I was not gonna be available to sew. I will be taking care of John's sister for 10 days(she has MS and can't walk really anymore), then after that we leave for band camp, then Aug.1 I head back to school to work, by then I will need to start the alterations on the band uniforms again!
I'm sorry that the band director can't make decisions, but that is not my problem. I did get a email this morning, he apparently still wants to make the flags, he wants to find other moms who sew to make them. He wants me to make a pattern, NOT, I emailed them back and told them to at least buy one flag and trace around that flag to get the pattern shape. Plus, good luck finding people to sew, they sure weren't there last year to help me with all sewing on the uniforms!
The flags are only gonna cost $782 dollars, come on DHS, we erased over $6000 in debt from kids who wouldn't pay their band fees from last year. I hate to be hard nosed about this, but please!
The girls are here again, today is their last day with me, we are gonna go to the water fountain at the mall. I'll post pictures tonight. I'm almost finished with my SB ornament! Hope to have that done this evening!
Sorry so long, I just need to vent, and if I vent at my hubby, then he'll make matters worse, because he doesn't mind telling the band director off. I don't want the bd to make life tough for Jacob. We do want a music scholarship.

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stitcherw said...

I hope you have fun at the mall, and get some stitching time in as well, that should help reduce the stress and irritation. The BD sounds like he doesn't have a clue what is going on or involved with his flag idea, but even so, when you told him to decide earlier he should have listened as he was asking a favor at that point (and I would think he would want to get things done early as well). Hope things settle down soon. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.