Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where did the week go?

I am sorry I haven't blogged all week. I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged at all. This week has been a whirlwind. Work is still kinda prickly with the new assistant manager, keeping fingers crossed that they hire another kitchen helper. We are short 3 people by feeding standards. Oh well, won't bore you with to many details.

Jason on the other hand has been hurting with his ear, so off to the doctor we go. I was astounded by the diagnosis. Poor guy's ear drum has a hole in it. Last summer he ruptured his ear drum by diving in the pool with a ear infection. (Moma did not know his ear was hurting, he didn't tell me!) Well, after doing meds and drops, the doctor says he's ok. Well, apparently the doc in the box clinic we had been using was wrong. The hole in his ear drum never healed. He currently has a partial hearing loss, balance is off, he will most likely need a graft done to close the hole. We go back on the 4th of Sept. to recheck his ear. I feel bad for him because Jason has had ear problems since he was a baby. He hates having them poke around in his ear, he told me he didn't think his ear was hurting him that badly. So wait and see for him.

My poor brother needs surgery on his kidney. We both make kidney stones, he has the biggest stone I've ever seen. I've yet to have one that big. So he's gonna get blasted on the 5th of Sept. I'm gonna take the day off to take him to the hospital for his surgery! I feel for you bro! I'll take care of you!

On the stitching front, got the roof done on the house for Edgar, gonna mail Vonna's F&S on Tuesday. I can't show Vonna's yet, I do hope she likes it! I know I sure do!

I got the material for my Halloween exchange! I don't think you can see the silver threads in the plaid, it's perfect for what I'm doing for my project.

Sorry such a long post, had to fill everyone in with the news on us! Thanks for reading!



Vonna said...

Donna, you aren't going to believe this but my Husband had the ear graft surgury TWICE! He got a hole in his ear drum by water skiing and falling into the water with much force on the side of his head. It never healed and so we had to get the graft done. The first one didn't take so he had to do it again a year later....It's not a bad surgury.

stitcherw said...

You got a lot stitched on your house, and the fabric looks perfect for a Halloween design. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with it.

So sorry to hear about both your son's ear and brother's kidney, both sound incredibly painful. Hopefully the doctors get them both fixed up quickly and they feel better soon.

staci said...

You've had quite a week! Hope your son and brother recover/heal quickly :) Love that plaid fabric, very halloween-y

Anonymous said...

Your poor sons ear. I hope it heals quickly and maybe they can get it where it needs to be. I will keep your brother in my prayers for his surgery. Hope all goes well. What an awesome sis to be there for him. Your stitching looks great so far.

Kendra said...

My goodness...a hole in the eardrum sounds so painful! Hopefully this graft will take care of everything.

And the kidney stones...yup, I'm all too familiar with them. I've had 5 of them and they're not so much fun.

I know the docs say that extra calcium intake doesn't cause the stones, but they do in me...perhaps that might be a factor in your brother's stones...??? The only time I've had mine were when I was on calcium supplements - 2 from calcium vitamins, the other 3 thanks to pre-natal vitamins when I was pregnant.

Cheryl said...

Hi Donna! Good to hear from you, i was wondering where you were.
Sorry to hear about Jason and your brother.
Great job on the RR, im working away on yours too. Ive just joined the SBEBB and im looking forward to signing up for my first exchange. Good luck with your Halloween one!

Mindi said...

Hope your family's medical woes clear up soon. I love the Halloween fabric you got, can't wait to see what you have planned for it.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Good grief! If it isn't one thing it's twenty! Love the stitching though

Julie said...

Donna, its good to hear from you again. I'm glad Vonna could comment about her husbands ear graft surgery and am glad to learn that its not a bad surgery. I hope he only has to do it once. Your RR is looking great. I'm looking forward to seeing the other pieces once you can show them. I hope things improve at work.

Barbeeque4 said...

Hope everything works out OK with Jason and your brother!! The Halloween fabric is really perfect for the season. The RR looks great!!!


Michele said...

great job on the house for Edgar's RR .. it's looking great!

Sorry to hear about Jason's ear drum .. not very fun at all! I hope all goes well :)

Marie-P said...

Boy, I do hope that all goes well with Jason and your brother...ouch!
Hope you get the work help that you obviously need~