Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update on RR Pic

Thanks to all well wishers concerning my job. Here's hoping that she will be gone next year. I heard a little bug tell me that she will not be here next year. Be still my beating heart! Hoping the bug is true. I'm just going in and trying to do my job and avoid her if possible. It's a shame when a government job overlooks the many for the one.

I'm working on Lizzy's RR, plus I started a small cross stitch that my sister Judy is doing. I'm gonna try to have it finished by the Thanksgiving break. I'll post more about that one tomorrow.

We play Cedar Shoals HS this Friday, this is a playoff game, after which we (the band members) will get to spend the night in the Commons Area for our annual Rock A Thon! I'm gonna try to stay up all night, I made it to 4:30am last year. I've got to at least make it to that time! The kids use this as one of their big fundraisers, they send out a donation letter to friends and family asking for a donation for the band. The kids get to play Guitar Hero, Twister and eat all the junk stuff that they want. Fun for all! Really! I karoked last year.

I'm gonna take my cross stitch with me. Maybe get some of these teen girls into cross stitching! I'm gonna take a couple of little kits with me in case I get a few takers!

Looking forward to the weekend!



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The stitching looks great! Hope you get some girls to cross stitching!

anna said...

Oh how I understand you! H. had a terrible person over him in the hierarchy for two years and most of this time was awful at home too! LOL Joking aside, a healthy work environment is so important. I'll be crossing fingers she leaves ASAP!

Mindi said...

The RR looks great! I really like the quilt hanging on the quilt stand.

Barbeeque4 said...

Lizzy's block is really looking great!! Sorry to hear about your job, I know what you mean about someone hovering just want to smack'em! Just remember this to shall pass, one hopes! :)

Cheryl said...

I hope she leaves too!
I love the RR, it looks great. I havent heard from Lizzy. Is edgar still waiting for the rr?
Have fun this weekend. I would hate to stay up all night...i must be getting older ;)

Hannah said...

Nice progress on your RR! I can't wait to see it finished.

Sonnja said...

The stitching looks lovely!
Kind regards,

Sonnja from the Netherlands