Thursday, November 1, 2007

What a day!

We had such a big turn out last night on Halloween! I'm being serious about running out of candy! I had bought 8 bags of good candy too, we thought for sure we'd have left over candy! Not! I ended up giving out Little Debbie snack cakes, my 100 calories pack Lorna Doone's, I love those. Next year I guess I need to buy more candy!

I'm working away on my RR for Lizzy! I hope to work on it again tonight during Survivor.

My nephew Tim is now a Army soldier. He left for boot camp today. I'm gonna miss him. He lived next door to us, so he was close to us. I will post a picture of us all together at his party on Tuesday when my SIL emails them to us. Pray that he survives boot camp and they aren't mean to my buddy!

Cooking supper right now, dinner will be soon. We try to eat around 6pm everyday.

I hate my job! When it became not a team effort anymore, I know my boss doesn't read my blog, so I can vent! We have a new assistant manager-we want her gone!!!! I'm sorry, but I know how to cook freakin green beans Karen! This women hovers over you, picking out things you are doing wrong, this is some of the things she has said to me: Oh, your hair is slipping out from your hairnet, maybe you should cut your hair! ? Not! Those green beans look done, did you read the recipe? Am I stupid? Not! Oh, you need to test your thermometer! Duh! Everyday! I'm studying myself to be a assistant manager and I feel like she doesn't want me to take her job, I don't want her job! I want to transfer to my kids school. The sad part is, she does it to everyone of the ladies in our cafeteria. Poor Carol left in tears today. She has worked for 14 years doing this kind of work, she knows what to do! That Karen is gonna make people want to quit. 2 ladies and myself are seriously thinking about quitting! Pray for us that this lady wakes up and realizes what she is doing!

Sorry about venting!

Hugs for all who like me!

ps: Daisy was talking to me!


Vonna said...

Lizzy's RR is looking gorgeous Donna :)
I'm so sorry you have a meanie for a supervisor...maybe she'll hit the road!

Paisley said...

I had the same worries when my son left for boot camp last year but he ended up being just fine. I'll never forget the first letter we got from him... at the end he added P.S. I'm bald! So hang in there, Donna! He will survive! :-)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Your RR looks wonderful! Here is a big huggle for you with that supervisor. And I will be praying for your nephew.

Marie-P said...

Exactly why I do not work...too much stress! Maybe you can address the workers concerns with the "nags" manager (???) Stay srong as this too shall pass.

Lovely start on the RR...Next year I would love to join one~

Kim said...

Ugh, the supervisor sounds awful! Maybe after she gets to know you all better she will realize you do know what you're doing and leave you alone?

Cheryl said...

That woman at work sounds awful!!
Lizzy's RR looks great. You'll be pleased to hear i received yoru squares today - i love them, thank-you so much. Thanks for the chart too. You are so kind :)

Marie-P said...

I already left a post here but I just came from Fair and Square and wanted to tell you that I love the Santa block that you stitched. It is GREAT!

The Silver Thistle said...

You're boss sounds like a nightmare to work for. She sounds young because an older person would (should) know better than to question a competant collegue like that......but I'm guessing she's not young - just has no people skills.

Tanya said...

Hi Donna, The RR is looking great. Boot camp? Wow - I know you'll miss him oodles. Hang in there ~ you seem like such a sweet person and they're crazy for acting that way with your job. Out of Halloween candy? Wow - we have so much left that I have to pitch it today - no self control here. LOL

Heidi said...

Your RR is looking good. I'm watching survivor too, it comes on every Friday here in Germany.

I'm sorry you have suuch an awful manager, maybe someone should speak to her about the way she is treating everyone?