Thursday, February 14, 2008

A few pictures to show!

My honey treated me to wonderful goodies and I love him for it! Thank you Johnny!
I gave both my boys a little goody bag filled with candy! I know they probably hate that I made them sit for a picture, but hey, I'm Mom! They secretly still enjoy every holiday that comes around. I try to treat them every chance I get.
I spent today cleaning the house so I will have the weekend free! Saturday-shopping with Judy!
Sunday-gonna visit my Momma! (I had flowers delivered to her today, she called to tell me they are beautiful) Monday is a free day from school! I plan to be a lazy hound dog since I've already got the house cleaning done! What a wonderful feeling that is!
So I hope everyone had a restful, joyful day and see ya tomorrow!



tkdchick said...

Great treats from your hubby! I think its great you treat your boys!

YOur WIP is looking lovely!

Ulla said...

Hi Donna!
I received my birthday present yesterday. I really loved everything you have sent to me! The heart thread keeper was gorgeous and I already put my current project treads on it. You have to say thank you to your hubby too :-)!
I am planning to start stitching Wool&Whimsy kit today as it's really cute.


Vonna said...

What adorable pictures :)
You are such a sweetheart to everyone and it just shows! Your boys are darling, your husband gave you some beautiful treats and your RR stitching is up and stitch a lot this weekend!

jane said...

Glad you had a good V-day. Mine was good at school - balloons and stuff from my secret palls.
Haven't written much, but I am reading you!

Carol said...

Your boys actually look like they are enjoying the photo session ;-)

Cheryl said...

Love the picture of the boys! You sure are good to them! your hubby did good too ;)
RR looks great. I dont have anything LHN/autumn for this RR, i will have to buy some stash :)

Michele said...

sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day .. love the picture of the boys :) I love spoiling my kids too. enjoy your lazy monday!

stitcherw said...

The RR is looking great, and what wonderful Valentines goodies, very yummy.