Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can we say menopause?

Ok, Edgar, I know you read my blog, so try to ignore the female junk if possible! I went to the doctor today and he has informed me that I have started the menopause stage! Yikes! I'm 41 years old, but had to have a hysterectomy almost 10 years ago. So I've been waiting for it to happen. I was hoping that it wouldn't start until my 50's but not my luck. So I start meds today to try and help with a heat flashes and the flushing. That's what bothers me the most. I know my husband told me that he thought that was what was wrong.
Now on to stitching news. I ordered my linen yesterday for Quaker Christmas! I'm gonna start that as soon as possible. I've got my pattern ready to start for my Quaker Workbasket critter!
I'm stitching away on the Quaker rr, loving that one! Don't forget the Needlework show is up and running. I took a sneak peek earlier today, I have already found a couple of things that I love. sigh
I'm never gonna stitch everything that I want! I keep buying stuff! But, it's so much fun!
I will be taking care of my SIL April this weekend, so I won't be on the online much. April has MS so I'm gonna help out by caring for her while my MIL visit my nephew. He graduates from his Army training on Monday the 21st. Wish me luck with April. She smokes and I hate that smoke smell, I won't even be able to stitch over there because I don't want my linen to get that nasty smoke smell on it! Yuke. I wished she didn't smoke. Look what smoking has done to my Momma and my hubby. Lung disease for my Momma, and 3 heart attacks for my hubby! Neither of them smoke now.
Sorry to vent about that! Will post pictures tomorrow, camera battery charging tonight!
Daisy Girl


Kim B said...

Smoking is disgusting! Good luck caring for April. That is a wonderful thing you're doing. And sorry to hear about the menopause thing. But at least you'll get it over with!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The hot flashes are no fun! I always tell Jack it's my inner child playing with matches.

Carol R said...

I detest smoking too.
Hope you get over your memopause real soon

Wendy said...

That seems way too young for menopause! I hope what the Dr. gave you helps with the symptoms.

Cigarettes - hate them! My hubby is now 5 days since quitting...I hope for good this time!

Vonna said...

OH no menopause...well I certainly hope the meds work and that its non-estrogen.

Dieta said...

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Cheryl said...

Hi Donna! Sorry to hear about the menopause thing. {{hugs}}
I received Janice's RR the other day, thanks!
Hope the weekend goes okay for you.

Barbeeque4 said...

Good luck this weekend and caring for April. That smoking thing!!!! I know what you mean, my mom is a chimney!!! and I dread taking any stitchy thing when I visit as it will totally be kippered by the time I leave and that smell just takes forever to get out, if ever!!

Hope you are feeling more yourself soon!!

Marie-P said...

The hot flashes (for me) really are not too bad thus I am able to avoid meds. Really menopause isn't all that bad...keep telling yourself that. :)

Don't breath that second hand smoke, oaky!

Lelia said...

Hang in there. I"m 50 & flushing/heat flashing is just part of our age group.