Monday, May 19, 2008

2 more days of school!

OMGosh! I can't wait! I'm as impatient as the little kids in my school. haha
I hate not having any pictures yet to show, but hoping to by the end of the week. I've been working on another exchange, someone asked me if I stitch for myself? Yes, I really do, the Quaker Christmas will be mine, plus I've got 2 round robins that will hopefully get back to me.
I haven't stitched much this past weekend. We had a family reunion that we went to on Saturday. I had such a great time. Looking forward to that one again next year. Next year, they better be ready, I'll be able to stay longer to sing with the band! I am a complete ham, love to sing if the opportunity arises. Nor am I a bad singer. I did make all state in high school-long, long time ago, I can still remember......(I love that song)

I'm gonna rant for just a tiny bit! It pains me to even fuss about this, but I'm at a total standstill on what I should do!
1.If you sign up for a round robin, please honor those stitching with you.
2. If problems arise, don't hide and not return emails, that is not fair to me as a host round robin owner.
3. I've even offered to stitch for you, so please contact me!
4. I still want you to be a part of my group! I wouldn't have chosen you if I didn't think you not honor finishing the round.

O.K. That's all for now, so if you read this, please email me! Please!

My nephew is coming in for a 3 day pass this weekend, so we are gonna have a cookout for Tim! I'll take plenty of pictures so you all can see how handsome my nephew is! Hooah! Go Army!
Well, I guess I have bent your ear for a bit, I'll post later this weekend with pictures!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh that sounds like fun for the weekend! Yeah, how did the end of school come so fast? I don't have kids but it still seems it got here in a hurry!

Kim B said...

Sounds like you're having a hiccup with a RR. Hope it gets worked out!

Barbeeque4 said...

It sounds fine - don't worry!!! it has to be said - and commitments should be followed through with.

Kathy said...

Good to hear that school is almost out. Now more time to stitch and do what you want to.

Hope you get the results you need from your rant. How inconsiderate of people not to follow through with their commitments. Part of the reason I don't do exchanges and RR. I have other commitments that would take precedence.

Enjoy the time with your nephew.

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun for the reunion. maybe you could do karaoke next year...

Vonna said...

Oh Donna (((HUGS))) I wondered if there was going to be a problem with the RR, as I had a problem with F&S...and if it is who I think it is....well her RR is really beautiful and it's a crying shame that she's not at least communicating her problems with you...that's what my issue was with F& you miss a round...just let me KNOW that you're going to miss it. It takes a real woman to own up to being over committed and saying I'm sorry I have issues and I can't follow through...send my RR back...
I'm so sorry, I hope she gets a hold of you!

Cheryl said...

Well said Donna. Gutted about the RR, especially seeing as mine is one of the ones she has. So typical.