Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I had the most marvelous talk too?

I got a surprise phone call last night from.......Edgar! I had such a great time talking to him! You are a kindred soul Edgar, he is so funny ya'll, I laughed alot talking to him. I'm happy to say that he has finally gotten his RR, minus a square being stitched by Lizzy. We decided to bypass Lizzy since she has 3 RR's in her possession. Lizzy has dropped off the earth it appears. So if anyone has heard from her recently, please let me know. It will be sad enough knowing that I won't receive mine, but to have two other people not to get their RR's is shameful! I can understand being sick and all, but if you can't finish a commitment, let us know. I special ordered that linen for mine Lizzy! You are not the only one with medical problems.
Please contact me Lizzy, I will drive to your house if necessary, I don't want too, but I feel like must do something to get back our linen pieces!
Breathe Donna, breathe.
On to news about me, my MIL Shirley reads my blog, so here goes:
Well, Dr. Jonnala, my rheumatologist has pinpointed what is wrong with me, I have Psoriatic Arthritis, which has made the past few years alittle hard to bear. She explained that it is Rheumatoid Arthritis's sister, and I already have significant joint damage to my knee and my hands. Further tests will reveal the extent to my spine. The good news is I'll start meds called Methotrexate today, plus some kind of vitamin supplement. After 2 to 3 months on this, then I'll add another type of med like Enbrel and Rhemiciad(that is most likely misspelled) A great thing is that it will help clear up my psoriasis, which to that I am excited, to have clear skin, omgosh, I've always had psoriasis as a child and to be able to wear shorts again without fear of someone pointing at my legs. I'm so happy I could cry! So wish me luck on the new meds!
I have pictures to post, but will do that later as this post is a long one.


staci said...

Hello Donna, I've been a lurker for a while...can't remember if I've left a comment before, lol!

What a disappointment with the RR...I'm sorry that you are missing yours.

Good luck your new meds, and just in time for shorts season woohoo!!!

Carol said...

Oh boy Donna! I had that happen in one of my Hello Neighbor RR's - one girl disappeared and held two precious pieces for months - we finally sent hers home and that prompted her to release the other two home... after each had started new samplers already. ARGH! Must have been fun to talk to Edgar though! Oh, and gee, I sure hope your RR does get back on track!

Kendra said...

That really bites about the RR situation. I don't know how people can justify keeping something that doesn't belong to them! I can understand not being able to finish your commitment, but at least send the pieces back to their owners, for pete's sake.

I swear, people are just plain awful sometimes. :-(

Michele said...

Oh Donna, I'm sooo sorry about the RR's ... I hope Lizzy reads your blog and emails and sends them home soon. Unfortunately most of us have fallen into this once in our stitching years .. very unfortunate.

I'm happy for you that they are finding out what's wrong and hopefully the new medication will help! My mom had RA for quite a while when I was in jr. high school .. had her bedridden for 2 years .. not fun at all :(

Kim B said...

Oh my! I sure hope that RR's find their way home!

I hope knowing the root of the problem and starting some new meds makes all the difference! I take wearing shorts for granted in the hot summer. I hope you will join us short-wearers soon!

Carol R said...

Such a shame about the RRs - I visited Lizzy;s blog - she sounds an extremely unhappy lady!

Hope you will feel better now that you have your meds and look forward to a picture of you in your shorts!

Kris said...

I recently found your blog, I'm a LNS nut, and , love sheep, and recently googled them both and your blog came up in the search.

Sorry to here about the RR, and not getting your piece back from Lizzy.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your medical condition but now that you know what it is, hopefully the right medications will control it for you. Must keep these hands stitching-able!

And how awful about these RR's. I understand that at times life can get too much to stitch RR's, but no one should hold on to someone's piece indefinitely. I hope you can get the RR's returned.

jane said...

Donna, You are the first person that I have met that also has psoriatic arthritis. My doctor hasn't told me as much about it as yours has but I need to get back to the doc and get some meds. I am bad to just not go to the dr. Good luck. You've inspired me to go back if there is actually something out there that can help.

Kathy said...

It is hard to believe that people sign up for RRs and then don't follow through. I think yours is the third one that I have heard of through my blog reading. Again, that is one of the reasons that I don't sign up such things.

Good luck with your meds. Hope you get some relief.