Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to John!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday! He turned 46! He had to work of course, but I did bake him a cake plus I bought a Honey Baked ham for dinner. Homemade mac and cheese, that item is a staple in our household. My family does not like the box kind.

John's picture is not the best, he was in the process of blowing out his candle! He's my #1 man!

He will hate knowing I put his picture up, but at least his Mom will get to see him. Hi Shirley!

Today is my side effect day from my meds. I take a weekly dose for my PA/RA, the next day I have a upset tummy. Coke is my big friend on Thursdays!

Friends, I am trying to organize my floss-well I hope too. I wonder, should I use the plastic bobbin winders to hold my floss, the DMC floss box that I bought had cardboard, but they seem flimsy. Has anyone used the cardboard kind? Versus plastic? I know the plastic are more, but I'd rather not have to rewind.

No news on the job front, talked to Human Resources yesterday, there had been a misunderstanding about me, they thought I wanted to go to Pucketts Mill, NOT!!!!!! It is farther, I cannot work for a militant bitch, excuse that, my manager knew that, so why did everyone think that I wanted to go to that school? So, for the past couple of weeks here, my file has been just sitting there! I'm furious, sometimes county employment is not the greatest. So if I can't get a transfer to another school, by July 15th or so, I have to either work at Pucketts Mill or quit the county. The way I feel right now is to quit, but I had hoped to work school hours until my youngest had graduated.

I hate to vent to my stitching friends, but I don't have anyone to vent to other than my family, and my momma thinks I should seek legal advice, but if I do that, I'll risk the possibility of being chosen for a transfer. What a freakin mess! Since I didn't have seniority, I got dumped from my school. I should never had stood up for Hope, I really think that's why I'm in this mess. From now on, I'm not gonna try to befriend anyone else in the school system. It doesn't pay to be nice.


Ok, vent over, now on to stitching goodies! I just subscribed to Just Cross Stitch, so can't wait to get my first issue. I always miss it at the store, plus they never seem to carry more than 3 or 4 when they come out.

I have recently came upon Mary Garry Sewing Cabin designs. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any to buy. So I'm looking for some. I saw one of a girl holding a leash with her pet cat or dog, I want to get that one if possible.

Well, this post seems to be running on, so I'll leave you to stitch! I've got to pick out a design for my first Make A Wish exchange! I get to stitch for Chantel, she wants a pincushion! So I'm off to search for a pin cushion to make for her! Cheers!




Vonna said...

Boy Jacob sure looks like his Daddy, doesn't he? Sweet how the oldest looks like you and the youngest looks like your DH.
Anyway...MANY Happy Birthdays to your sweet Johnny ;)

Don't use the cardboard...they STINK...get the plastic and I think the generic ones from Hobby Lobby are the best because the slit that holds the end of the thread holds it tightly...the DMC ones don't so much...

Good Luck on your job Donna - God has a plan for you!

anna said...

Actually I did use the cardboard thingies before I got plastic ones... they seemed fine... for one time use... then I throw then once the thread on them is used. So sorry to hear about your work problems, really... (hugs).... Eventually it will solve somehow, yes I know you know ;-) and all that stress is unneeded... I wish I could find the Mary Garry Sewing Cabin charts somewhere too! Lovely picture of John!

Barbeeque4 said...

Happy Birthday to John!!!!! What a great cake! That job stuff just sucks!!! I have a mix of both the plastic and board bobbins with DMC on them and the board ones are only good for a single use then is a toss in the can -

Marie-P said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

I LOVE Mary Garry designs. She is no longer designing so her patterns are difficult to find. :(

Kim B said...

It sounds like your hubby had some yummy food for his birthday! Homemade mac and cheese...I'm drooling just thinking about it!

You must be beyond frustrated to be dealing with this mess with your job. What a shame! I hope it gets worked out very soon.

Andrea said...

I've always used the plastic ones too.

Kathy said...

Mary Garry quit designing about 2 years ago and what was available went fast. Probably just need to watch for stash sales or trades. You might list the name of the ones you want on your wish list and see if anyone has them that they want to part with.

I don't use bobbins. I use Floss bags. Don't like the bobbins because the thread has kinks in it from being wrapped on the bobbins.

There is still the right job out there waiting on you. Be patient.

Nedra said...

Good words.