Friday, June 13, 2008

Loving Life!

You know what friends? Life is far too short to worry, and I'm not saying I've had an epiphany, but this morning when I woke up, I just felt blessed that I was here. I've had a pretty good day! My son Jacob graciously gave up money for his Dad's Father Day's present. Now folks, that is something special. Jacob is such a stingy person when it comes to money. That will be good for him later in life I hope, but today he mulled over what to get his Daddy. I don't know if any of you remember Ren & Stimpy, a cartoon we used to watch alot( this cartoon is really for adults ) well we found the lost episode DVD, I know John will love it!
I started stitching on my Halloween RR, I'm attempting my own outline, so wish me luck on that venture. I see it in my mind, just hope I don't have to frog to much!
I am the goddess of kitchen culinary again! I outdid myself tonight for dinner! All who ate were blown away by the yummy goodness! (I really shouldn't cook like this too often, they will come to expect it everyday!) I made stuffed chicken breast with Monterrey jack cheeses, it really was good.
Next Wednesday my John will be 46, I'm gonna get a HoneyBaked Ham for his birthday dinner. He loves that ham! Hey, what can we say, we are raised in the south! I'm gonna get him another gun to add to his collection(well, I'll tell him he can go buy one! hahaha) Guns do go in a gun safe my friends! Safety always! We do love target and clay shooting!
Well, I've talked your ears off tonight! I've tried to add some music to my blog, I know it can be done, just unsure if the link will work. Michael Buble is one of my favorites to listen too.
Hugs to all!


Kim B said...

I love the title of this entry. Life is good :)

Sounds like Father's Day and a birthday and all sorts of good things to celebrate are happening around there!

LoriRay said...

Yes, life is good. I totally agree. Life is way too short to dwell on the non-important stuff.

Enjoy your weekend! :-)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Yes life is good! It is good just to be blessed with another day!

anna said...

Love the music!! It usually irritates me when someone puts some on, maybe it's the choices then.. because I LOVE this song! :) Have a lovely week-end... and expect a little something... currently winging its way to you... :) (hugs)

anna said...

Argh! How stupid can I be? I was hearing "Don't worry, be happy"... but it was someone else's blog open at the same time! Sorry... :(

Tanya said...

Hey Donna!
I like Michael Buble's music too. Life is grand, isn't it? Enjoy your blessed day :)


Anonymous said...

it was really great for jacob to give up his money like that my kids can be stingy too but did the same... and congrats on your lovely dinner