Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do you wanna know what the part cost?

We ordered the part, guess how much? $72.95 !!!!!!
Can you believe how much that company was trying to rip us off? Come on! I can understand wanting to make some profit, but a 400% increase? I'm glad that at least John is a electrician and can do the work to save us the money. (I know he just didn't want to have to do it!) hahaha
My brother is coming over with the part, he picked it up for us since he was closer to the supply house. Thank you Patrick!!!!! What a great guy he is!
Took my nieces to the scrap booking shop, so much fun was had by all!
We have our band camp meeting tonight! So I will be out late tonight dealing with 80 parents and all my band kids. Full camp starts next week. Long days for us. Plus I have to work 3 days to get my school ready. Good grief! Where did my summer go? Wahhhhhhhh!
Well, off to get dinner going!
Wish us success on getting the part installed tonight!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a big difference!

Kim B said...

The dealership near our house wanted to charge my husband $150 to change the filters for our a/c in our car. Instead, DH got online, ordered the replacement filters for $40, got out the instruction manual and it was literally a 90 second job to replace them! I was blown away by how eager people are to rip other people off!