Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go Jason!

I'm one proud Momma! Jason was baptized tonight at church! As soon as I can get Jacob to show me how to put the video together, I'll put it up on my blog. He was so proud of himself. The church that he goes to is very youth oriented. I say, if you can get my son into church then you are doing the right thing! The boys both love church. Now if only Momma could find peace again in church. God's working on me, I know he is, just got to find where he wants me to be.
I'm working on the Quaker RR, I'll post pictures tomorrow. I've got to assemble Halloween Ornament, so soon I'll be able to post a picture.
Fall is coming! I felt it in the air this morning! Yeah! I am longing for my sweaters again. Plus my wooly!
Sorry no pictures!
Thanks for the comment on looking young Anna! You made my day!

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Vonna said...

Hurray Jason :)
Do they belong to a Catholic church Donna? I know you told me you were raised Catholic....not that it matters, just wondering. Maybe your peace will come with the happiness of your children?