Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

As I sit and pray while my two teenage boys are out and about on this New Year's Eve, I wish for everyone happiness, friendships to blossom, and love to overflow in your hearts!
We all live very busy lives and I hope to slow down and enjoy my family more in 2009. I have been blessed to meet many new friends thru the world of blogging and I thank each one who has taken the time to read or comment on my blog.

I was gonna stitch, but after two mimosa's, I'm very sleepy! I never was a good party girl!
Both my boys are spending their first New Years away from home and Momma is feeling alittle sad that they are growing up and branching out. I love you Jason and Jacob!
Happy New Years!



LoriRay said...

Awwwwww, I don't blame you for being a bit nervous. :( My boys are 16 and (almost) 13, so I'll be spending New Year's just as nervous as you did before I know it. Yikes -- they grow up too fast!

Happy New Year! :)

Cindy F. said...

Oh, bless your heart momma!! I understand totally. I was afraid to call my 25 yr. old last night,,,didn't want to hear alcohol in his voice and start worrying!
Happy New Year:)

Paisley said...

Worried Mamas unite! My oldest son called me at 2am to wish me a Happy New Year (it was midnight his time). I was so glad he'd decided to skip the parties and stay home!

Happy New Year!

Cheryl said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Donna!
Like your new look blog :)

Tammy said...

Happy New Year to you too! I'm learning to do my own blog backgrounds, and when I do, I'll let you know too!

Andrea said...

Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Blog surfing stitching blogs has landed me on your page and I am grateful. I, with 2 boys (soon-to-be 13 and the other 9), am just beginning to realize how fast the time is flying and getting a little squirmish about the upcoming years. I look forward to stopping back here to learn about your projects as well as get some insite on how to deal with teenage behavior. :)
Happy New Year!

Stargazer said...

Happy New Year! I like your new backgrounds too and it motivated me to update mine! I'm not used to seeing you in browns - the jury is still out. If you get a chance check out mine! Talk to you soon. JO