Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jacob's Campaign Video! You Go Son!

(Edited: pause the playlist so you can hear Jacob's video)

Alrightly friends, we've only been out of school for one week and we are jumping in for a fast forward Senior year for Jacob. Now ya'll know that Jacob is in the marching band, here is his campaign video that he took to school during the last week of school. The kids get to vote on who they want as officers for next year. I had hoped Jacob would try out for drum major, but he told me, " Mom, I have way more fun marching", so I said with a whine in my voice, could you at least try out for officer? He tells me he already has! Shows me the video and I know he will make officer! (He does, btw, 2nd Lieutenant! Way to go Jacob!)

This year is gonna fly by! We are talking senior pictures, professional ones mind you. Open up your wallet Johnny! I'm buying the whole shebang! Jacob has the SAT this weekend. I know we will probably take it at least a couple of times to get our best grade.

No stitchy news today! You will have to wait till tomorrow! I went shopping today!



Kim B said...

I love that you say "our" and "we." Obviously your kids' educations are as important to you as anyone! It seems a lot of parents these days aren't as involved in their kids' educations as they ought to be IMHO.

Barb said...

My DD takes the ACT next week. Yuck. She's heading into her senior year also and will be a very busy girl. Isn't is amazing how different siblings can be?

Kendra said...

Loved Jacob's video! He seems like such a fun kid. :-)

Tammy said...

That is great!