Saturday, June 6, 2009

Look at my PS Exchange!

Yucky picture, maybe the next will be better!

Howdy friends! Life is slowly getting back to slowing down. Jacob said the SAT was easy, so we will see. John's off this week and I'm trying like mad to persuade him we need a mini holiday. Just the two of us. ( Lordy, we need it after May!) Down here in Dacula during the summer we have lots of BBQ parties and lots of reunions! These past 5 summers I have gotten spoiled by not having to work! Yee haw!!!!!! I want to have a blowout party for John and my birthday. Our birthdays are one week apart. I hate to say that pina coladas are my favorite weekend drink.
I figure turning 43 ought to be worth a pitcher of my favorite drink! Oh, and don't forget the cherries! I can't wait!
I got distracted there friends! Sorry family, but you know me!
I received this sweet spring pin keep from Bonnie from the PS exchange group! Awesome job. I love it!
I have gotten back into quilting somewhat. I like little projects, I'll take pictures of my newest goodies that I splurged on.
We have a cookout tomorrow so I must go at least attempt to clean the house! (Maid, oh maid, where are you?)
I'm looking forward to a fun June friends! Hope yours will be sunny and filled with friends and family!


Kim B said...

Pina Coladas! Sign me up!!! Beautiful exchange piece!

Stargazer said...

I've finished my block 1 and 2. Need you so I can fabric up for block 3 and 4.......when are we getting together????

Tammy said...

Very pretty exchange! Lucky! Oh, I'm turning 43 in Aug...gulp. Hey, maybe a pitcher of Pina Coladas will help it go down more smooth? Let me know-I might need two!

Michele said...

not a big fan of coconut here .. but I'll drink Margaritas while you enjoy your Coladas :)

Lovely pinkeep! and very cute picture of you!