Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wahoo! Enter giveaway at this post!

Just look at the bounty I received. A big thanks to Dee for all the wonderful Halloween goodies that I won. The pumpkin book is so cute! I'm gonna put that out on the table during the October month. And since winning that, it has put me in the mood to host a giveaway too! So next weekend, which will be August 28, I will draw a name out of my own witchy cauldron, so enter now on this post to win a surprise which will make your stitchy hearts happy!
Would you believe I already have a cold?!? I am gonna count this year just how many colds I get. It's only been 2 weeks of school. I do get a flu shot every year now since I work at a school. But that doesn't help with all the little colds that I get. I was fine yesterday, but I woke up Saturday morning congested with a runny nose. How can a person be congested and have a runny nose? You can't breathe, but your nose just drips. Ugg!
Baby Alora is home now with your Momma Aaryn! Praise God for small miracles! Now I just need pictures! Oh Cathy, pester your daughter to hurry up and send us pictures! I'm so happy that Aaryn can be a Momma now. And another thing, Kyle, we want y'all to move down home in the south. I want to hold that precious baby!

John is gonna smoke some ribs today, sounds super yummy and maybe I'll be able to taste the goodness of tasty pig! hahahaha

Tomorrow starts my new job at church. I will be a greeter, which I really don't think they know what they are getting themselves into! John's Uncle Russell and Aunt Deborah are glad that I have welcomed God back in my life. Russell is a pastor and as much I as like their church, it's so far away and I know I would set myself up for failure because I hate driving a long way for church, I can get to 12Stone in 10 minutes, which is perfect for me. I told you God that I was gonna try to comply. I'm really excited about it, plus I hope to make some new friends.
Well, I'll leave you with a few pictures for the weekend. Butters is giving kisses to Daisy, look how big he has gotten. I so love my kitties!
Have a great weekend!
I'm glad for new friends I'll meet at church.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Please include me in your give away.
Thank you for the opportunity to join on the fun.


Praise God for tiny angel miracles because that is what she is .... a tiny angel.

Anonymous said...

The kissee does not look quite as thrilled as the kisser. LOL

Enjoy those ribs!

StitchWiz said...

Wow what a nice stash builder! Could you please include me in your upcoming giveaway. Also, I have
a nice offering too. A good sized Christmas freebie that I have put
up for everyone. Look forward to you stopping
by! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Please count me into your draw

Lisa said...

I would love to be included in your surprise draw. My details are in my blog profile. Thank you.

CindyMae said...

Great new stash what an awesome win. Please include me in the drawing for your giveaway! Hope all goes well at church and I am sure that it will!!!

Cheryl said...

I hope all goes well at church! I can so imagine you as a greeter! Go Donna!
Such good news about the baby!
Would love to enter your giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Please include me in your giveaway - I am new to your blog but have you in my blogreader because I don't want to miss anything! You have had a busy time lately - congrats on everything but the cold, lol! Thanks again!


Lisa said...

Ya-hoo! Baby Alora is home! Welcome home Alora...I know that mommy and daddy are glad to have you with them...and I am sure that your whole extended family (including all the support from blog-ville) are praising God!

On that happy note of celebration - I would like to enter your contest, too.

Have an amazing Sunday!
Lisa in CA (USA)

michelle said...

I love the kitty kisses! Oh a give away? Sounds lovely. What a sweetie you are.

Lisa said...

Please enter me in your drawing...looks very fun!
Lisa in CA

Ulla said...

Please enter my name in the drawing.

Diana said...

Sorry you have a cold. That's some nice Halloween stuff you won.

Please include me in your giveaway.

Michele said...

you know I love Halloween and a drawing too .. so throw me (well not really me, just my name lol) into the cauldron :)

I'm sooo glad to hear Alora is home! that is wonderful news!

Hope you are feeling better!

Carol R said...

Good news on baby Alora.
Please enter me into your giveaway.

Cindy F. said...

I hope you're feeling better today!
That's awesome news about baby Alora!
Will keep her in my prayers:)

Would love to enter your giveaway:) and thank you so much for the opportunity!!

Jill said...

I would love to be included in your drawing. Great news on Alora. Take care of that cold. :(

anna s. said...

So happy to hear about Alora. As a baby I was discharged very late from hospital, had surgery at 4 weeks and before that, I wasn't supposed to live long. What now looks (to me) like not a big thing at all might have been tricky to find out and operate back in 1971 :) Hence, I know from having heard it all life from my parents what a terribly stressful time it was for everyone around me... Hurray for Alora!! May she soon forget the rough start.
Please include me in the drawing!! How generous of you and I am sure it will be a super fun package!! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I would love to enter your giveaway. Looks like a fun bunch of stash! thanks for the chance.

Kit said...

Oooh, look at all the goodies, please include me in your giveaway! Thanks!