Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome back students!

These past two days have required me to be at my school for staff meetings and such. I do love my job and even though I am just a cashier in the cafeteria, all my kids(over 800) need hugs and smiles. My veteran kids, which are 1st thru 5th, came bounding into the cafe demanding hugs and having to tell me everything that they did over summer. Of course Miss Donna had stickers to give out. Then I have the new kindergarten students who hide behind Mom or Dad and peek around to listen. I've already claimed a new little bunny, her name is Aiya, such a pretty little girl, and she loves the fact that she will get to eat in the cafe. ( Bless her heart, in a few years, it will become boring for her, but for now, I'll take what I get.)

I had to promise the principal that I would save stuffed fuzzies for the last day of school! In hindsight now, I can see all the little fuzzies being tossed back and forth in the classroom, hall, etc. (hehehehehe) Last year I made 750 of these little guys. In the picture is all I have left after last year.

I really need to go stitch, I'm kinda behind on that. So friends, that's it for today!

See ya!



Stargazer said...

You're a bit of a fuzzy yourself but I love ya! I'm glad it went well. Our first day is Monday and I can tell you that I am already exhausted.
Hope band is fun this year!

Tammy said...

Enjoy your time back-sounds like you are one of the great ladies that kids just love! Enjoy some stitching!

michelle said...

me thinks you are a warm fuzzy my dear. And that is the bestest kind!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying your time back.

I wish I was going to be doing the same.
Every time I think about this coming monday. (When our school starts)
I will be in tears since I will not be back this year.
I kept praying they would bring me back.... hmmmm maybe I will use Monday to walk my son to school and see all my smiling faces and get my hugs before heading home.... to go look for a job.

Anyway, give a few a hug for me.... I will take anything I can get. LOL

Kim B said...

What do you mean JUST the cashier in the cafeteria?! I loved the cafeteria workers when I was in elementary school! Oh my gosh, my sister and I would hang out with them and clean the tables some days when my mom was setting up for Scouts! Enjoy your kiddies this year Donna!

PS - I hope you won't mind my asking. But how is sweet Alora doing? She remains in our thoughts and prayers.

FayeRaye said...

Honey, it takes a village this day and time! Even though I am in the classroom as a Teacher Assistant, whether its me, you, the principal or the janitor, it takes all of us to keep these darlings on track and dont ever say "I just work in the cafeteria"!~ I look forward to getting to know my new crop of first graders come Aug25...oh..and good job on those fuzzies....Like 'em!~Faye

Vonna said...

Donna, God Bless you....You, I KNOW, you are a blessing to all those little kids in the school. My kiddos take their lunch except for one day a week they can choose to eat in the cafe. That way they have a "party" day :) I know my kids would LOVE to have nice ladies, so many at our school are just BIG grouches...I know its true I've witnessed it. So you're giving every one of those kids a see that a woman can be full of love and happiness every day! Thank you!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you are a welcome sight for the kids when they come back to school. Which is very important to them! You will be someone that makes a difference in their young life that will be remembered for a long time!

stitcherw said...

Glad the first day went so well, and I love the fuzzies, so cute. I'll bet it would be fun to see these being tossed around at year end, very colorful.

Cindy F. said...

How nice the kids look forward to seeing you! The fuzzies are such a fun idea....even if you have to wait to give them out:)

Michele said...

I wanna come have lunch with you in the lunch room! I love your atittude and I'm sure the kids do too!

lmao at the fuzzies! way too cute :)