Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Season has started!

Well, I am doing better, I missed this past Friday nights game. We were creamed! 44 to Zip! It's shameful, but in our defense we played the top seed in teams. Whew, at least we won't play them again. As soon as I get the pictures downloaded from Friday's game, I'll post a couple of great pictures of Jacob!
I tell you what, I missed going to the game, but having the night off was what I needed. I didn't stitch at all, that was a bummer, but Sunday morning I woke up and felt so much better. Church was awesome, our Pastor is doing a Decades series that is so cool and hip, last Sunday was the 60's era in music and God, this Sunday was the 70's and how turbulent that time frame affected how people put God in their lives. I can't wait for next Sunday, it will be my era, the 80's. Wahoo! Our music team is awesome and I can't wait! (Listen to me, I mean, I can't wait for next Sunday! Go Pastor Kevin! Go PK! (That's his nickname)
I got invited to do Becky's Christmas gift exchange and I'm super excited with my partner! I've got to start figuring out what to make! Thanks to Becky for inviting me!
See ya!


Tanya said...

Glad you are doing better! Heard BORDERLINE on the radio the other day - took me back, oh those 80s...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Cindy F. said...

Your church sounds awesome!!

Glad you're feeling better girl!