Thursday, January 7, 2010 pictures of our Christmas

My Dad saved the day by taking pictures. I remembered the camera, but forgot the memory card for the camera. Baby Alora is a sweet pea, very happy baby. We had alot of fun over at my parents' house. Good food, great company and a closeness that makes our family special. Picture heavy my friends!
On the shop end, our grand opening was huge. We were so busy! It was an exciting day for me. Someone from North Carolina recognised me as DaisyGirl! How cool was that! I felt like a rockstar! I work again this Saturday, I'm thinking it will also be busy as our grand opening because of stitchers who work or teach, they wouldn't have had a chance to come on Monday. No Tammy, I didn't open a cross stitch shop, my friend Terrie opened her cross stitch shop and I'm lucky to get to work there! :)
They say it's gonna snow tonight here in GA, but I doubt it! So most likely not gonna get a snow day. :(


Kim B said...

Great pictures!!! Alora looks so big and healthy! How wonderful for you all to be together like that!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Look at those little cheeks... makes me want to blow raspberrys....
Alora is so precious... God really blessed her!!