Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where've I been?

Sucked into Facebook, that's where. LOL Farmville is way to much fun, I'm trying to save up for a cat for my farm. I've been able to reconnect with old classmates and it's been great talking to them. It makes me wish..........................

I get a shot tomorrow for my hand. It better help, that's all I'm saying. I've got to dig out my swimsuit, I'm gonna start going to the indoor pool, plus dig out my contacts. I've gotta be able to see where I'm going. Since the Remicade is gonna be way too expensive to pay for, I can't afford to wipe out our savings for 1 round of meds. It's gonna cost me $5750.00. That is after insurance has paid of course. So no to that med. Bummer. So the dr. suggests low impact swimming will be good for my PsA. Heck, maybe it will help me lose some weight too. I'd love to lose 20 pounds.

I'm staying home tonight. I'm not going to the stitch-in tonight. My stomach is not happy this evening. I catch every little cold or bug from the kids at school.

Edgar, start watching your mailbox. I shipped out a prezzie to you. Michele, you too!

I've been stitching on exchanges, so no pictures!

Talk later friends!


ps:gotta check on my farm. I don't want to kill another crop! hahaha


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Hey lady.... I am on farmville too... won't you be MY NEIGHBOR! LOL

Kim B said...

LOVE IT! I haven't been sucked into FarmVille yet :)

Autumn said...

Farmville is a horrible time suck! If you need anymore neighbors... LOL

Shelleen said...

I got sucked into that game too. But I have a slow internet connection and with so many people playing it now that it takes to long to get into it.