Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm back!

Great news about Jacob! He got accepted to Berry College!

Sorry friends that I've been absent, but the H1N1 flu caught up with the Bennett clan at our house. John and I both have been sick as dogs with the crap. I finally am back to work and at least functioning at 70%. hahaha Man, let me tell you, when it hits you, there is no doubt what is wrong. This past Saturday, I left the cross stitch shop about an hour and a half early due to kidney stone moving. I got home and John says, I think I'm running a fever, I check, yes, he was, so I dose him up with Advil and go take a bath. Well, within 3 hours, I was running a fever and felt so bad, I was crying. The headache was so bad, I felt like someone had hit me in the back of my head and my legs with a bat, yuck! At least the stone let up! ha!

So on Sunday, our oldest son Jason loaded us up in the car and drove us to Urgent Care and got loaded up with Tamiflu, Z-Packs, MucinexD, plus cough syrup. Sunday and Monday were blurs, I thought I was dying. John did not have it as bad as I had, he only had fever and aches, I also had a sinus and ear infection to go along with the flu. So he pretty much took care of me and himself on those days. Tuesday my fever broke, and Wednesday I went back to work since we are short handed in the cafe. What I wouldn't have given to be able to take the whole week off. I've got plenty of sick leave, but my boss asked for me to come in as soon as I could. The county just needs to hire us one more worker for our kitchen.

I'm putting my exchanges together in their packages tonight. I'm a few days late with mailing since I got the flu. Hoping my partners forgive my lateness.

Hope to have pictures soon!



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Glad everyone is getting better! I adore that picture and what great news!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on Jacob's acceptance to Berry College! That is wonderful news.
Sorry to hear that H1N1 visited your household...but hopefully you all are on the mend!
Take care!
Lisa D

Sharon said...

How horrible, I hope you feel a 100% soon. Congrats to Jacob! That is awesome.

Tanya said...

Hope you are feeling better today! Congrads to your son - woo hoo!