Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob!

18 years ago, you arrived after 27 long hours! We were so excited to add a baby brother to our little family! You were very demanding, you knew right off that you were not gonna stay the little baby that your Momma was wanting. You crawled at 3 months, walked at 7 months and you were running by your 1st birthday! You'll favorite toy was Bat Man, you had so many of those toys and Legos! Now, mind you, you didn't want the Duplo blocks, you had to have the tiny ones, I took a chance and prayed that you wouldn't choke on a tiny Lego, you surprised all of us by putting the whole kit together by yourself! I knew then that you were gifted and you would be a bright shining star. I'm proud of you and yet I'm saddened that my turn is about to be over as you embark upon a new and wonderful and exciting world as a young man. Remember that your Momma will always do what it takes to make your dreams come true!

I love you my sweet little bunny!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob! What a lovely post from your mommy.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob...and as tradition in my family: Happy birthday Momma! Sounds like the relationship and bond you have with your sons is very strong!
Take care,
Lisa D

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! He crawled at 3months?! Oh my!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!

I'll have an 18 yo next year - so hard to believe!