Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stitch-In Last night!

Tuesday nights are therapy friends, if you don't have a local shop to stitch in, invite some friends over to your home! It's fun to stitch, laugh, eat chocolate or whatever floats your boat. I now love Tuesdays!

Is the pollen killing y'all? Allegra is helping me, thank goodness for small favors. I love the spring, but hate the pollen onslaught. When I went outside today, my car was yellow, and you could see the yellow haze floating around in the air. Yikes! It might rain tomorrow, I hope it does. I can't believe it's already Wednesday night! My spring break is on the downslide now. :(

It will be over before I know it! When we go back we will only have 33 days of school left. YES! Then summer break! Jacob's graduation! My birthday! Wahoo!

Here's just a couple of pictures from last nights stitch-in!
ps:Scooter and Joey keep us company!


Karen said...

I should have stayed for the evening - but I had to go home & prepare to go back to work :( And I won't be there next week, either - Senior Night for soccer, and we're playing West Hall - gotta be there for that!

Michele said...

looks like you have such fun at your stitch-ins! I'm jealous :) love the kitty pictures!

ok .. I'm stealing your Wizard of Oz pictures on your blog .. way too cute!

Brigitte said...

Looks like a lot of fun at the stitch-in.
For me it's also back to work on Monday. And then 3 1/2 months until summer break, sigh.