Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's almost over! Give me two more days.......

Schools out! Hooray for summer vacation. Jacob has graduation practice this morning, graduate tomorrow and then how am I gonna fit 50+plus people in my house? lol I'm sitting here waiting on him to get finished, we've got to go to the mall for a new dress shirt for him to wear. Plus he wants to go job hunting too today. Geez! We've got to get the house cleaned, grass cut and I've got to start making sausage balls. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it all.
Jason has promised to help me get the slide show put together. I've got all the pictures loaded, just need to crop and edit and add music. We are gonna have playing on the TV during the party.
I just got the new LHN ornament "Merry skater", Terrie at The Stitch Store cut my linen yesterday and I've got all the threads ready to start! Hey, who wants to join me in making this awesome ornament? Give the shop a call and let's get started!
Well friends, work beckons my name, no rest just yet!

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Tanya said...

Lucky you! Ben goes through June 24th here - nuts! Of course with that 3' snowfall in the winter, they added on a few snow days at the end - bummer. On to summer :)