Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poor little feet!

I have been trying my best to stay off my feet, Why you ask? I have cracked heels on both of my feet. All I know is Tuesday morning my feet were hurting like I'd cut myself, lo and behold, they were split open in numerous spots. Good grief, I've never had that happen before, so Johnny's been bandaging up my tootsies to keep them from getting infected. Such a sweet hubby! Has anyone else experienced this also? How long will it take for the cracks to heal. One really bad one was bleeding, that one hurts like heck! Crazy huh!

I'm working on a LHN project for a family member, I know she will love it!

As to Jacob's college woes, we are now just waiting to see if he can get accepted at GGC and then hopefully transfer to GCSU. I'm crossing my fingers. A friend named Lee sure gave this poor ole Momma some hope! Thanks Lee!

This weekend is Stitch-In at the shop! I can't wait, it's my Saturday to work!

Hugs to you my friends!



Rachel said...

I hate getting cracked heals. I go shoeless at home so it happens a lot.

A trick I use that helps them stay soft and stay away from cracking is to treat them with vapor rub.

Before bed lather feet (I generally do the whole foot) up with vapor rub, put socks on, wash hands, and go to bed. This generally is much easier to do in the winter as it can get cold enough to keep socks on all night. (I guess summer would depend how cold you keep your house :P)

Hope your feet heal soon!

Paula D said...

Don't have any advise per se, but my hubby had cracked heels. You are doing the right thing. Take care of them now and don't let them get infected or walk around barefoot in a public place. Hubby got terrible infection inside heels and took a long painful time to heal. No pun Speedy recovery!

Karen said...

I've never had it happen to me, and can only imagine how painful it is! Feel better!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I always, always after a shower put vaseline on my heals or baby oil and slip on tube socks until it is all soaked in or mine will get as bad as yours. I also use a pumice stone on them when I bathe to prevent them from getting so bad.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Heidi said...

My husband gets them as he is a soldier in those horrible boots they wear everyday. Not like I am trying to promote myself but we use Avons cracked heel relief cream and it works wonders! Yes he had one that cracked open and bleed so I made him start using it and he is walking like normal again! You can go to my site: if your interested. My mom uses the same stuff too since she is in heels all day and she loves it as well!