Monday, September 13, 2010

Gosh! Where does the days go???

Hello friends! Father Time does not stop for anyone! I can hardly believe it's been 3 weeks since my last post. Life seems to get in the way most days lately. I've been busy with school, family and The Stitch Store. I'm saddened to say that our Monday night stitch-ins are stopping due to the fact that poor Terrie has to work a second job. I hope that Terrie doesn't overdo and gets sick. I do know that it takes money to keep a shop going and it's very expensive for her. So please, if you need anything, just give the shop a call or email or visit the shop for your cross stitch needs or desires.

We did have our Saturday luncheon at the shop and it was a fun filled Saturday with friends. Terrie had a training to attend too, so it was Kenneth and me! We did pretty good I think! Check the shop website for pictures of our Chinese exchange! I almost stole Diane's package for Terrie since it had a Starbucks gift card in it, but I was a sweetie and didn't! Sorry Terrie, but I hope you liked the giftie I chose for you!

I've been working on several projects, plus waiting on my new exchange partners' names for upcoming exchanges! Exchanges are so much fun! With Fall in the air, I must get a move on it to complete a bunch of presents!

Many of you all know that Jacob was unable to afford Berry, so we postponed until the Winter semester, well, it's that time again, so here we go again! We are applying to a couple new schools that he has expressed and interest in, so we will be visiting schools again! This time it will have to be a state school so that the tuition will be covered by the Hope Scholarship. Cross our fingers friends! January will be here before I'm ready!

I'm hoping that we are able to go to the fair this weekend! I love going and walking around smelling the foods and seeing the farm critters and crafts exhibit. I'm off this weekend so I've got my fingers crossed that we can go!

I'll leave everyone with a small quote and a hug!
"Life may seem to hurry your days away, but try to remember to enjoy each moment that you have!"

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Stargazer said...

It's not fair that I look older than you in this picture ;(
We need a do over.
Kisses; JO