Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a weekend!

All I can say is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

I worked at The Stitch Store on Saturday, so I was able to get my stitchy goodness in! hahahaha

I've got some pictures of our Halloween area and our new mascot "Sybiliciousness!" Terrie took my picture of our girl scarecrow that Sybil bought for the shop! Love her! Call the shop if you need anything from the Fall Market! I can't wait till we start to get all the new patterns and cool stitchy gifts!

As to stitching, I'm working on my Halloween Exchange so I guess I can't really show that picture. But do enjoy the pictures from Saturday!

Tomorrow is my next IV treatment, so wish the nurse luck so she doesn't have to stick me more than 5 times! Yikes to that!

Well, I'm off to stitch my friends!
ps: The wind was blowing something fierce outside on Saturday! I'm so glad Fall is here!


Stargazer said...

Say no to the highlights....
You look beautiful!!!

Stargazer said...

Nice halloween background DaisyGirl!