Monday, February 20, 2012

Sitting here resting my eyes! Well, sorta! :)

Well, I went to the eye doctor finally. I shouldn't have waited as long as I did. I have several things that are wrong! hahaha
1. Sjogren's Syndrome=Dry Eye, blocked tear ducts.
2.Retinal tear
3.Corneal scratches
4. Ocular inflammation
5. Cataracts (can you believe this! They are small, but I thought you were older when you got those! hahaha)
I will be on eye drops forever now for the Sjogren's Syndrome. I will take steroid eye drops for 8 weeks and then I will be re-evaluated to determine if I need some kind of tear duct plugs.

It's no wonder my eyes have been hurting me! My vanity in not wanting coke bottle glasses might have been my undoing. Oh well, I'll do fine, just might have thicker glasses. Boohoo! Be prepared Johnny, I'm ordering the thinnest lenses they make baby!

I'm hoping my eyes will feel better this evening so I can stitch. I have the font on size Largest to be able to see since my eyes are still dilated. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
I'm glad that my vision will hopefully start to get better in about 8 weeks, I will need a new prescription, but not until I finish the steroid drops.

Now on to exciting stitchy news! I have found the newest magazines that I must subscribe to.
Primitive Quilts and Projects and Mollie Makes(this one is a UK magazine)
Love them! I'm gonna take them with me this Tuesday night to my Hooty Girl stitch group!
I know Trish will love the Primitive Quilts one!
Well, my eyes are burning so I'll sign off for now!
Have a happy day y'all!


Cindy said...

Hope your eyes are feeling better soon.

Felicity said...

Gosh, it's amazing you can still see!
It's always fun to find a source of new stash or ideas.