Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of school! I am totally wiped out, physically and emotionally! Watching my 5th graders do their final walk is so hard. I cry the entire time, plus hug as many kids that reach out for me. I view these kids as my kids! hahahaha   These kids touch my heart every year. This past school year was especially  poignant for me as I have watched them as kindergartners up to 5th grade.  So is was hard to watch them go. I know that many of them touched my heart and I will not forget them.
I haven't been able to cross stitch as much as I'd like. I go back to the eye doctor tomorrow, I hope the tear in my retina is better, I soo need new glasses. lol
I have so many projects just waiting to be started! I want to make those birds from SamSarah. I can't wait for the new Halloween issue and the Ornament issue.
I've been such a bad blogger again, I hope to do better since summer vacation is here for me!
Hugs to all!


Lana said...

Hope your eye is better! Aaaw, last day of school, bittersweet, isn't it?

Lana said...

And I am sure that as you said many of them have touched your heart and you will never forget them, I'm sure you have had the same effect on many of those small lives as well!

Cathy Pavlovich said...

Happy vacation, Donna! Hope your eye gets better and that you get in a lot of stitching and relaxation.

Lisa said...

I know how you feel...when I moved to California I became the yard duty lady at an elementary school. Now all those kids who were in 5th grade back then, the ones I watched play on the play ground after lunch, are graduating high school. Many of them touched my heart in one way or another and they do become like your own. The kids you got to know are so lucky, for you are a great person!

I hope that your eye gets better soon so you can enjoy some stitching soon!