Sunday, April 7, 2013

New phone again ! So it's gonna be easier to post!

Huckleberry is growing so sweetly! He weighs 4.1oz now, the Little punk is chewing everything in sight! Ugh! Lol
I've never had a puppy before so this is all new for me. Brutus was already potty trained when we rescued him. I'm so glad I saved his toys, cause Huckleberry loves on Brutus's favorite toy and it makes me happy that at least Huckleberry will remember his scent. Is that dumb?
Look at me, I'm crying like a little kid writing this! I'm such a goober!
I finished the ladybug! Wahoo! I'll take a picture and post it in a bit, I'm working on LHN's Holiday Hometown! I freaking love this!
I'm so glad I'm back with a new iPhone , still don't really know how to use it, but I'll learn!
Hugs from DaisyGirl!
Ps: it's spring break for me! Whee!!!!!

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