Thursday, July 10, 2014

The day is long and useless. I sit on my couch and contemplate my life and what I want to do. How I wish I were wealthy or at least had the comfort of extra money to do or not to do if I desire. Why is life dependent upon money? You need money to buy food or else you will starve. Money to pay for everything. Some days it seems so hopeless and sad. I can’t even imagine the people who are truly poor and homeless. Would I being willing to give up things that I have become use too? Do I really need cable? Internet? My face cream and perfume that I adore? As I sit here shaking my head, I can say, it’d be very hard to give up my vices.

I look at my dogs laying on the couch and I am again reminded of the simple things that makes them happy. A wag of their tail, a sweet lick on the face, those small things make me happy. Unless Wally is destroying my knitting needles!

Hugs from my house to yours!


Jeanne said...

I can sure relate to how you're feeling today. Unfortunately money controls so much of what we do or don't do in our lives. We are contemplating big changes in our lives right now since my husband had to quit his job to deal with some critical family issues for a bit. You never know what's around the bend.....luckily though I have plenty of stash so I won't run out of stitching!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Jack and I are quite happy without cable or cell phones. Our new sofa was the first new one we have had in many years as we usually buy used furniture. I make my clothes as well, don't care for jewelery, and can't/don't wear make up or perfume. I do miss a bit of perfume but scented powders are best with my allergies. We have had to give up most travel with gas prices and only fill twice per month at most.

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