Saturday, March 21, 2015

I've been a very naughty kitten as my boss calls me!

I can't believe I've been so lax and have totally forgotten my blog! I swear 2014 was such a heartache for me I had so many medical issues it wasn't even funny! Hamstring surgery again, eye surgery, my kidney stones just won't leave me alone, plus my poor Mother :( Numerous times in the hospital, heart attack for her, perforated bowel, poor lamb was so tired and in pain and it broke my heart to see her like that!
2015 seems to be hopefully looking a little better! Finally getting my Lupus diagnosed has been hopefully getting on track with what's going on with me! Plus my brother Patrick is going to become a father for the first time at 46! Woot woot! Him and his fiancee were pretty shocked! They have been dating for over 2 years and were just happy as chicks in a hen house when wham bam, excuse me sir: The reason Melanie is throwing up is "She's Pregnant!" ( A side note that she already has a 22 year old son from a previous marriage and she has a grandson too!) 
So we are 2 weeks from little Louie being born! And I can't wait till I get to hold a little baby again! My youngest niece is almost 13 so, its been quite a long while since we've had a baby in our household!
I've been knitting more, but I am gonna start a cross stitch piece this weekend! It's been hard with the Sjogren's and my vision, my eye surgery to remove the cataracts has made it hard to see up close. So I've got readers to try out! I've been reading everyone's blogs and I've missed my cross stitch time, so I'm gonna give it a go!
I'm still working at my school, I love the kids, just hate the hard labor that working in the kitchen demands of me. But I have a new boss Amy, whom I adore! And she makes things as easy for me as she can. Which I so appreciate! I need to stitch her a little thank you gift!
Johnny and I are already planning our summer vacay! Venice Beach Florida this year! I can't wait! We've already paid for the reservations, so I'm excited for June 6th to hurry up and get here! I wanna find a shark tooth! (Well, the man does more than me! So cross our fingers for success!)
I'm so sorry I have been away for so long! I'm excited to read and catch up with all my friends from the blogging world! 
Hugs from DaisyGirl     


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You did have a rough year! I pray this year is much, much better.

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