Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Crunch time for stitching!

I am in a tizzy, group email reminded exchange partners that their magnets had to be received by the 16th. Yikes. I checked my email and I know it says till the end of the month. I might need to email the group leader her email that she originally sent me. I have been stitching like mad to finish it. I will have it done tomorrow, then need to assemble the magnet. I just don't want my exchange partner to be upset when she doesn't get it by Friday. She might get it by Monday at the earliest. Wish me luck putting the magnet together. At least I have an early release day at school tomorrow, extra stitching time! Yea!
Daisy my kitty is recovering once again from the vets office visit. she hates travelling. Meds will make her better! I love my kitty :)
Will post tomorrow!

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