Friday, February 16, 2007

Exchange mailed today!

I have stitched as fast as the wind! I finished my magnet exchange and assembled it last night. I went to the post office today and mailed my package to Connie in New York. I hope she likes what I stitched for her. Since I know that nobody really knows I have a blog I'll go ahead and post the picture. I promised some friends I'd post the picture today.

I am such a wuss! It is so cold to me. It is 38 degrees! I know, I know that that is not cold to the ones up north, but I would probably freeze if I lived up north. I got to get the boys to bring in more firewood. I'm gonna start me a fire here shortly!
Still waiting for my Drawn Thread pattern to arrive, I was hoping it would come today! No such luck.
Till tomorrow! I have a 3 day weekend! Yes!

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