Saturday, March 10, 2007

Game Board Sampler

Started my DT Game board today. I've been boosted along by Kim, thanks! I've been busy stitching my exchanges that I had put that on the back burner. But, I'm happy that now I have a start on it. Unsure if I'll take this project with me on the bus to New York. We leave for NY on Thursday night. Keep our school band in your prayers. We are taking 41 kids to NY on a band trip. I hope it will not be too cold for me. I'm such a cold natured person as it is.
Jason is feeling better today. I'm surprised at how quickly he has bounced back. I remember when I had my wisdoms out. I was sick with the whole ordeal. Thank goodness Jason is not experiencing alot of problems.
Will work on my stitching tomorrow, all my chores are done for the weekend. I hopefully will post something tomorrow!

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Vonna said...

The Game Board sampler is really pretty, I'm sure you'll love doing it. I mailed out the Ground Hog's day pattern yesterday. So you should be getting it soon :)
I'm glad that Jason is doing well with his procedure ;) I did terrible with mine pulled, just like you!