Sunday, March 25, 2007

It was a beautiful day!

Sunday dawned a glorious sunny day to enjoy. I did what I wanted. Only a few chores needed done, cross stitched some, finished assembling my spring exchange. It is drying as I type. The little chick legs that is. I was window shopping at Mary Kathryn's shop today. I want to order from her as soon as I get paid. What is paypal? Never done it before.
She has PS Fairy charts. I want them badly! Come on the end of the month! That's when I get paid.
Spring break for us is in one week from now. I am so ready for it! After spring break, all the whole school starts counting down! All the teachers get happy, the staff gets happy! The cafeteria ladies are thrilled! Can't wait! Summertime!
I would love to be able to respond to people that visit my blog. I already know Vonna! Like that girl alot. She looks happy in her blog picture with her family. If you visit, let me know your blog so I can visit you!
I'm sending out my exchanges on Tuesday! Yahoo! Let's do this again real soon!
Until tomorrow!


Vonna said...

Donna, you make me smile everytime I read your blog :) You are just a shining star radiating light :)
Hugs friend!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I just can't help but grin at your post! You are just fo funny/sweet! Paypal is an excellent way to pay for things and easy to use!