Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New York Photos!

I am not the best photo taker in the world, so some of the pictures could be better! We had a really good time other than the ride back home bus disaster. The New Yorkers that we met were not the nicest of people. Everyone rushes up there, hurry, hurry and hurry. Down here in Dacula, we like to take it slow! The musicals were awesome! I ordered the Wicked CD online today. I had left my bank card at the hotel so I didn't have enough money to buy the CD at the Gershwin Theatre. The city really doesn't sleep. Colors everywhere, plus we had that snow storm on Friday, our first day there. We get snow every couple of years, and only just enough to make afew snow balls. So cold up there. Central Park, Time Square, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, plus a couple other sites I can't remember right off.

I would like to go again one day, but do what I want instead of what the tour guide tells us to do. Plus I need to bring more money!

What a trip! I'm glad we went, but I am so glad I'm home:)



Vonna said...

Looks that you had a wonderful time! I've always wanted to just go and see what it's like :)

anna said...

Broken bus, cold, expensive, but still a great trip, says I enviously LOL!

Michele said...

this is my first visit to your blog .. I really enjoyed it :)

I saw Wicked here in Seattle last November .. wasn't it great fun?!!!