Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pictures of Niece's Wedding Sampler

Well, I did promise, I finally got a chance on the main computer. I really like the pattern, it's one of Brooke's Books designs. The wedding line I think. Justin better hurry up, Tiffany can't wait much longer. She wants a fall wedding. I need lots of time to help her plan it. My niece lives next door to me, so I help her out all the time. I keep trying to get her to cross stitch with me, but she says, no time. Maybe one day.........

Packing for my trip, it's almost here. Jacob is at UGA for a competition for band. I hope he picks that college, it's only an hour away from his Momma!:)

Till tomorrow!


ps-Vonna-I've got your goody ready, it goes in the mail tomorrow!

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Vonna said...

That is cute as can be!